Engagement: Jarod + Kira

Meet Jarod and Kira.

These two should be models. Seriously…not only are the just gorgeous, but I hardly had to instruct them to do anything. They were just this adorable on their own. Shortly after their first date, they had to move away from each other. Kira lives in Alaska and Jarod in Florida. They only see each other every month or so, but that just makes their time together even more special. These photos were taken in Pensacola, Florida.

“Distance means so little when someone means so much.”

2015-07-03_0002 2015-07-03_0003 2015-07-03_0004 2015-07-03_0005 2015-07-03_0006 2015-07-03_0007 2015-07-03_0008 2015-07-03_00092015-07-03_0010 2015-07-03_0011 2015-07-03_0012 2015-07-03_0013 2015-07-03_00182015-07-03_0014 2015-07-03_0015 2015-07-03_0016 2015-07-03_0017

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