Engagement: Evan + Leslie

Meet Evan and Leslie.

When Leslie first contacted me, she said she wasn’t super familiar with Pensacola, but had some photo ideas in mind. I asked her to send them to me. When I saw them, I immediately thought of downtown Pensacola! I love when people come to me with ideas and a vision but give me freedom to do whatever with it. That says to me that they trust me with their vision, and that just makes me enjoy my job that much more.

Evan and Leslie met in college, through Leslie’s sorority sister who was Evan’s best friend. Evan is in the United States Navy, and Leslie is a dietician. These two are so sweet together. Like many men, Evan wasn’t super comfortable with the idea of having his photo taken, but he definitely seemed to be so proud to be standing with his beautiful fiancé. She is just glowing!

2015-08-31_0001 2015-08-31_0002 Just look at that stunning ring!! Evan definitely did a great job with that. 2015-08-31_0003 2015-08-31_0004 2015-08-31_0005While walking to our next photo spot I noticed how great the sun was and asked them to stop right where they were! I can’t pass up an opportunity like this! I LOVE a good sun flare. 2015-08-31_0006A big thanks to my husband and assistant for noticing this awesome train. Evan and Leslie ran over to this corner just so that I could get this awesome surprise train in the photos. I love how it turned out!
2015-08-31_0007 2015-08-31_0008 2015-08-31_0009 2015-08-31_0010 2015-08-31_0012 The sunlight reflecting off the water is so beautiful! I love the beauty of Pensacola!2015-08-31_0013 2015-08-31_0014

Congratulations on your engagement, you two!

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