Portraits: Espinosa Boys

Meet Fabian and Alex.

These two handsome boys are brothers. I don’t often photograph kids, but I really enjoyed photographing the two of them. I know–shocking that I enjoyed photographing kids…but seriously, they were awesome! My goal here was to capture the fun, goofy, kid personalities that they have at this age. They made that super easy. There were a ton of goofy outtakes, but those are some of my favorites, because those are the ones that really capture who they are right now and how much fun they have together. They may pick on each other and drive each other crazy, but it’s pretty clear that they love each other. It was never a struggle to get them to hug or sit near each other.

These photos were taken in Pensacola, Florida at Seville Square Park and around downtown Pensacola.

Children are a heritage from the Lord,
    offspring a reward from him.

Psalm 127:3

2015-09-22_0001 2015-09-22_0002 2015-09-22_0003 2015-09-22_0004I didn’t even tell them to sit together like this! I asked them to both sit down, and this is how they sat. They are the sweetest brothers ever!
2015-09-22_0005 2015-09-22_0006 This goofy one is one of my absolute favorites.2015-09-22_0007 This stick was one of the many random things they found to entertain themselves with during this shoot.2015-09-22_0008 2015-09-22_0009Fabian and Alex both had some pretty cool moves!
2015-09-22_0014 We came upon this leaf/mulch pile. What better to do around a leaf pile than play in it!?2015-09-22_0011 2015-09-22_0012 I’m sure Fabian and Alex slept well after running around and being goofy for an hour.

Needless to say, I feel the shoot was a success.

Lookout, young ladies! These boys are growing to become two awesome young men. 2015-09-22_0013

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