Tyler + Rebecca

Meet Tyler and Rebecca.

Both Marines, these two met at work, while both stationed here in Pensacola. They are simply adorable together. You can just tell when couples are comfortable with each other, and these two definitely are. It was so enjoyable to spend the afternoon photographing them.


Pensacola is just filled with such gorgeous areas. I love these big trees.


I always love a good sun flare!


These two are the cutest with their giggles. They kept each other laughing and smiling the whole time.


I love the history around Pensacola. The Pensacola Lighthouse can be seen in the background here. 2016-03-09_00152016-03-09_00162016-03-09_00172016-03-09_00182016-03-09_0019

Could these two be any more precious together??


We enjoyed a gorgeous sunset on a beautiful beach. What a great way to end an afternoon!

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