Williams Anniversary

This sweet couple melted my heart. They were an absolute blast to photograph. They made goofy faces at each other and made each other laugh. Laughter makes great relationships even better. Their champagne glasses were sentimental to them because they used them at their wedding exactly one year prior to when we took these photos! Happy anniversary!

Shout out to the awesome people at Surf Burger for letting us photograph in front of their boats and kayaks!

2014-12-16_0015 2014-12-16_0016 2014-12-16_0017 2014-12-16_0018 2014-12-16_0019 2014-12-16_0020 2014-12-16_0021 2014-12-16_0022 2014-12-16_0023 2014-12-16_0024 2014-12-16_0025 2014-12-16_0026 2014-12-16_0027 2014-12-16_0028 2014-12-16_0029

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