Wedding: Katie + Jeff

My first 2015 wedding couldn’t have been more romantic and sweet. Katie and Jeff are such a beautiful couple. Katie was classy and stunning from head to toe and Jeff couldn’t have smiled any bigger watching her walk down the aisle to him. The two of them were so excited to belong to each other and so smitten with each other. I just love the look on their faces. These are such genuine smiles, and it’s so contagious. The bride and groom’s close family and friends were there to support them. Sometimes the smallest weddings are the most intimate and beautiful. As a wedding photographer, I get the pleasure of seeing many people vow their lives to each other. It’s most enjoyable when the love each person has for the other just radiates off of them. Katie and Jeff are just glowing for each other, and I loved capturing these moments for them.

My lover is mine, and I am his.

Song of Solomon 2:16

2015-01-05_0001 2015-01-05_0002 2015-01-05_0003 2015-01-05_0005 2015-01-05_0006 2015-01-05_0007 2015-01-05_0008 2015-01-05_0009 2015-01-05_0011 2015-01-05_0012 2015-01-05_0013 2015-01-05_0014 2015-01-05_0015 2015-01-05_0016 2015-01-05_0017 2015-01-05_0018 2015-01-05_0019 2015-01-05_0020 2015-01-05_0021 2015-01-05_0022 2015-01-05_0023

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