Engagement: McKenna + Kendall

Meet McKenna and Kendall. These two gorgeous people were a delight to photograph. We all kept each other laughing the whole time. We captured these sweet moments at Fort Pickens, just as the sun was setting. 2015-04-07_0001 2015-04-07_0002 2015-04-07_0003 2015-04-07_0004 2015-04-07_0005 2015-04-07_0006 2015-04-07_0007 2015-04-07_0008 2015-04-07_0009 2015-04-07_0010 2015-04-07_0011 2015-04-07_0012 2015-04-07_0013 2015-04-07_0014 2015-04-07_0015 2015-04-07_0016

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