Wedding: Kimberly + Lance

Kimberly and Lance are two people who couldn’t be more perfect for each other! They kept me laughing and certainly kept each other laughing. They’re so sweet together, and I have no doubt that God made each of them specifically for the other. This beautiful, intimate ceremony was on the beach in Gulf Beach, Alabama. With the help of their sweet friends, everything came together beautifully. 2015-04-10_0004 2015-04-10_0003 2015-04-10_0002 2015-04-10_0001 2015-04-10_0005 2015-04-10_00062015-04-10_00122015-04-10_00492015-04-10_00322015-04-10_00222015-04-10_0015 2015-04-10_0016 2015-04-10_0021 2015-04-10_0023 2015-04-10_0024 2015-04-10_00252015-04-10_0018 2015-04-10_0019 2015-04-10_00202015-04-10_00342015-04-10_0011 2015-04-10_0010 2015-04-10_0009 2015-04-10_0008

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