Wedding: Adam + Kate

Meet Adam and Kate (again!)

I can’t say enough wonderful things about this couple. They were such a joy to be around and to work with. I had the pleasure of taking their engagement photos not long ago. See them here. They got married at Compass Rose in Valparaiso, Florida, which was a restaurant but is now exclusively an event venue. This venue is amazing. It overlooks the water, and all of the staff are incredibly helpful and kind.

2015-06-27_0006 2015-06-27_0004 2015-06-27_0003 2015-06-27_0002

2015-06-27_0001 Here comes the bride for the first look!2015-06-27_0011 2015-06-27_0012 2015-06-27_0013 2015-06-27_0014 2015-06-27_0015 2015-06-27_0017 2015-06-27_0018Kate and Adam aren’t your typical traditional couple. They did things a little backwards. They went on their honeymoon a few weeks before the wedding, and they had dinner before the wedding ceremony. 2015-06-27_0020

The sweet flower girl made a gift for Kate.
2015-06-27_0026 Toasts were made, and smiles were captured.
2015-06-27_0027After the toasts, Adam made a “toast” to Kate for all the hard work she had put into making the day perfect. She spent time on every detail, and everything turned out amazing.
2015-06-27_0028I loved Kate’s beautiful dress from David’s Bridal.2015-06-27_00222015-06-27_00292015-06-27_0007Her Steve Madden shoes are to die for!2015-06-27_00092015-06-27_0021 The sun was setting as they said “I do”.2015-06-27_0030 2015-06-27_00312015-06-27_0032 2015-06-27_00252015-06-27_0034 2015-06-27_0033 2015-06-27_0024Their first dance was so intimate and sweet.2015-06-27_00352015-06-27_0037 I love capturing sweet moments like Kate’s mom and dad dancing together.2015-06-27_0038 2015-06-27_0039 2015-06-27_0040 2015-06-27_0041 2015-06-27_0042 2015-06-27_0044

The night ended with Kate’s sister running up to grab the microphone and sing with the musicians. This was a huge hit!2015-06-27_0043

Congratulations Adam and Kate. I hope your wedding was all that you hoped it would be and more.

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