Wedding: Tyler + Samantha

Meet Tyler and Samantha.

They got married at, the beautiful, St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Pensacola, Florida. This wedding was classy and traditional, yet elegantly beautiful.
2015-07-01_0006I loved the Samantha’s cute robe! 2015-07-01_0007

2015-06-30_0042 2015-06-30_0043 Though it rained that day, Samantha had a beautiful smile on her face and was happy to marry the man she loves. 2015-06-30_0044 Tyler’s face as Samantha walked down the aisle was so sweet.2015-06-30_0045 2015-06-30_0046 2015-06-30_0047 I loved the unique look of St. Anne’s Catholic Church.2015-06-30_0048Samantha’s parents were so sweet watching their little girl get married.2015-06-30_00492015-06-30_0050 2015-06-30_0051 Tyler and Samantha took communion together as their first act as a married couple.2015-06-30_0052 2015-07-01_00082015-07-01_00092015-07-01_00102015-06-30_0053 2015-06-30_0054 2015-06-30_0055 2015-06-30_0056 2015-06-30_0057 2015-06-30_0058 The reception was at The Palafox House in Pensacola, Florida.2015-06-30_0059 2015-06-30_0060 2015-06-30_0061 2015-06-30_0062
Congratulations to Tyler and Samantha! I hope your day was wonderful, and I wish you all the best!

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