Wedding: Jason + Sarah

Meet Jason and Sarah.

Weddings bring people together. When two people get married, their families should accept the new spouse and their family as their own. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of these amazing families. Two families, thousands of miles apart, but joined by love. Even though they didn’t speak much of each other’s language, they still loved and accepted each other like they were just the same. It was a really touching and beautiful thing to watch and capture. I’m blessed to have been able to capture the beauty of these families. Jason and Sarah met in a kitchen. At the time, they were both chefs. When I asked how long it took for Jason to know he wanted to marry Sarah, his response was, “about a day”. Mid way through their relationship, Sarah had to return to Korea to live. Jason loved her so much that he flew to Korea to propose to her. *cue the tears* This wedding was the perfect mix of fun, romance and elegance. Jason and Sarah are hilarious and so sweet together. If the secret to a happy relationship is laughter, they have enough happiness for a lifetime.

They got married at Sandestin Resort in Destin, Florida, on a terrace that overlooked the ocean.

2015-08-10_0001 2015-08-10_0002 2015-08-10_0003 2015-08-10_0004 2015-08-10_0005 2015-08-10_0006 2015-08-10_0007 2015-08-10_0008 2015-08-10_0009 2015-08-10_0010 2015-08-10_0011 These palm trees at Sandestin Resort are AWESOME!2015-08-10_0012 2015-08-10_0014 2015-08-10_0015 2015-08-10_0016 2015-08-10_0017 2015-08-10_0018 The bride and groom grand entrance was so funny. These two are hilarious!2015-08-10_0019 2015-08-10_0020 2015-08-10_0021 2015-08-10_0022 2015-08-10_0023 2015-08-10_0024 2015-08-10_0025 2015-08-10_0026 2015-08-10_0027 2015-08-10_0028 2015-08-10_0029 2015-08-10_0030 2015-08-10_0031…that time when my assistant (and husband) broke it down on the dance floor. 😛
2015-08-10_0032 2015-08-10_0033These two are the perfect mix of sweet and hilarious.
The whole family was truly one of the sweetest families I’ve ever met.
Jason and Sarah, you were such a pleasure to photograph.
Congratulations, you two!

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