Anniversary: Nick + Kayla

Meet Nick and Kayla (and Brother, the dog)

This couple is precious to my family because God allowed us to meet at the perfect time. I had been searching for a church that felt like home. Nowhere seemed to make me feel welcome until I visited Northstar. Within just a few weeks, I got connected with a small group that was held at Nick and Kayla’s house. From the first week I was there, they made me feel like family. They’re so genuine, loving and accepting. That was something I desperately needed and had been searching for. Nick is the campus pastor at Northstar Church, and Kayla is his precious wife. Not only are they full of life and laughter, but they’re full of the love of Jesus, and that shines so clearly in both of them.

These photos were taken in downtown Pensacola, to celebrate Nick and Kayla’s 3 year wedding anniversary!

“Hear my soul speak. Of the very instant that I saw you,
Did my heart fly at your service.”

-Shakespeare (The Tempest)

2015-08-14_0002 I couldn’t resist posting this one. Brother’s face is hysterical!

He was such a team player, even though he was pooped by the end of the shoot!2015-08-14_0003 2015-08-14_0004 2015-08-14_0005 2015-08-14_0006 2015-08-14_0007 This set of photos is probably one of my absolute favorites ever. I’ve never asked a couple to pray together before during a shoot. This was during a time of intense prayer for our church, and it just seemed so fitting for Nick and Kayla to pray with each other. This is really a clear picture of who they are, and I love that I had the opportunity to capture that. 2015-08-14_0008 2015-08-14_0009 2015-08-14_0010 2015-08-14_0011 2015-08-14_0012 2015-08-14_0013 2015-08-14_0014 2015-08-14_0015

In addition to being an awesome pastor and friend, Nick is a very talented author. See his website here.

But that’s not the last of the family talent. Kayla makes stunning and unique jewelry! Check it out here.

Happy Anniversary, you two! I thank God for the blessing of meeting you.

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