Wedding: Logan + Kaitlin

Meet Logan and Kaitlin.

These two are simply precious. This whole wedding was precious and so beautiful. I loved everything about this wedding! Everything from the colors to the setup to the incredibly sweet people. Everything about it was so well put together and gorgeous. Kaitlin is such a gorgeous girl with a heart of gold. Logan is a United States Marine, faithfully serving our country. As you may know, I’m also a proud Marine Corps wife, so this wedding was extra special to my heart.

Logan and Kaitlin got married on the beach in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Wedding setup: Big Day Weddings

Florist: Flowers by the Shore, Gulf Shores

Hair: Jewel’s Beach Salon, Orange Beach

Makeup: Jewel of Jewel’s Beach Salon

Cake: A Specialty Bakery, Gulf Shores

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Her Maggie Sottero gown was so stunning. I loved the beading, and I loved her beautiful beaded garters to match.
2015-09-24_0015 Their rings fit so nicely together! 2015-09-24_00162015-09-24_0017 Kaitlin’s flowers were so classic and beautiful. Flowers by the Shore did an amazing job!2015-09-24_0018 Kaitlin and Miranda are best friends. They are both nurses. Miranda was so touched by the beautiful Pandora bracelet that Kaitlin got for her. Kaitlin also has a bracelet with a matching best friend charm. 2015-09-24_0019 There is way too much cuteness in this picture!! This is Maverick, Logan’s son. He’s ADORABLE! 2015-09-24_0020 2015-09-24_0021 2015-09-24_0022I seriously can’t get over how gorgeous this Maggie Sottero dress is. Kaitlin wore it so well.
2015-09-24_0023 2015-09-24_0024 The setup was so beautiful. Big Day Weddings did a great job. 2015-09-24_0033The maid of honor and the best man had a good giggle while walking down the aisle. It was sweet to see how supportive they were and how happy they were for Kaitlin and Logan. 2015-09-24_0025 Kaitlin looked gorgeous as her dad walked her down the aisle. 2015-09-24_0026 2015-09-24_0027 2015-09-24_00282015-09-24_0029 2015-09-24_0030 2015-09-24_00312015-09-24_0032I loved this idea that Kaitlin had for her and Logan’s mom to kiss Logan on the cheeks! 2015-09-24_0034 Seriously, could little Maverick be any cuter?2015-09-24_0035 2015-09-24_0036 2015-09-24_0037 2015-09-24_00442015-09-24_0038 2015-09-24_0039 2015-09-24_0040 Isn’t Kaitlin just such a stunning bride?! 2015-09-24_0041 2015-09-24_0042 While we were taking photos with Kaitlin and Logan, this precious little girl walked over with her dad and said she wanted to talk to the princess. Hello, adorable!! 2015-09-24_0043 The reception was at Fischer’s Restaurant. The marina outside of the restaurant was just stunning. 2015-09-24_0045 2015-09-24_0046 2015-09-24_0047 Everyone cheered as the beautiful bride and handsome groom walked by. 2015-09-24_0048 2015-09-24_00492015-09-24_0059 Fischer’s Restaurant is gorgeous. The decorations and everything about it are just lovely. 2015-09-24_0051 The sweet couple exchanged a toast in their gorgeous Kate Spade toasting flutes.  2015-09-24_00582015-09-24_0052 I love this sweet moment of Maverick looking out the window and the sweet couple holding hands. 2015-09-24_00562015-09-24_0055 2015-09-24_00542015-09-24_0057

Logan and Kaitlin, I wish you both all the best in the years to come. You are a beautiful couple. It was a pleasure to be able to photograph your wedding. Kaitlin, from one military wife to another, stay strong and support him always. (Call me if you need anything or if you just want to yell about how frustrating the Marine Corps can be!) Logan, thank you for your service to our country.

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