Motorcycle: Jason + Jenny

Meet Jason and Jenny.

These two are such gems for letting me dress them up and photograph them. I was SO stoked when I heard they had this gorgeous Harley Davidson motorcycle. I’ve been wanting to photograph a couple with a motorcycle for a while now. I don’t have a particularly good reason for this. I just think motorcycles are awesome, and I secretly wish I looked this cool in a leather jacket.

We took these photos around Downtown Pensacola.

Makeup by: Raquel Harp (She is awesome!! Check out her page if you haven’t already!)


How adorable is this couple?!


I mean come on…she can pull of the leather jackets AND the boots? I so wish I was this awesome. 2016-04-01_00042016-04-01_00052016-04-01_0006

Let’s not forget Jayden, the real star of the day. He was ADORABLE! He was definitely not camera shy. He was so stinking precious helping his daddy clean the motorcycle in his cute leather jacket and boots.


Lookout, ladies! I see a future heartbreaker!


I can’t say enough about this sweet family. They were so fun to work with. Jason and Jenny were just adorable together, and Jayden made sure to keep us giggling the whole time.


Bucket list shoot   √

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