Portraits: Lo & KC

Meet Lovely Lo and KC.

Lo is my tattoo artist. She’s my go-to gal in Florida, and she’s incredible. Seriously. She always exceeds my expectations, and her art is so vibrant and precise.

She’s is a killer tattoo artist at Hula Moon Tattoo Studio in Pensacola, a CrossFit coach at CrossFit Vu, a nutrition coach at Lovely Lo Nutrition and a photographer. This girl does it all, and she’s awesome. KC also does CrossFit at CrossFit Vu, is a producer/director/filmmaker for Cox Media and a freelance filmmaker/photographer for KCmitchell.com. Needless to say, they’re a little busy. They both love the Lord, CrossFit, tattoos, cameras, each other, and their fur babies. They’re some of the most genuinely precious people I know and two of the coolest humans on the earth.


Oh, they’re also absolutely adorable together.


I’m pretty obsessed with all of their tattoos.


Lo’s style is on point with these tights.


Thanks, Lo and KC, for getting up early and spending the morning with me! I hope it was as worth it for you as it totally was for me. You guys are awesome.

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