Wedding: Dustin + Alyssa

Meet Dustin and Alyssa.

I don’t think I have enough words to describe how precious this family is. First of all, anyone who knows me well knows that I often get very connected to my brides and their families…so much so that I sometimes get a little teary eyed during the ceremony. This wedding was definitely a tear-jerker! This is a family that is goofy and silly and wild and totally in love with each other and completely in love with the Lord. When Alyssa’s mom, Donna, called me initially, she warned me that her family was goofy and crazy! She wasn’t kidding, but I loved absolutely everything about each one of them. They were so loving and fun and accepting and just amazing.

Dustin and Alyssa actually had a private courthouse wedding before this ceremony. They were already married, but wanted to read vows to each other. It was Alyssa’s dream to have a ceremony on the beach. What’s super cool is that Alyssa’s parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on this same island five years ago. At that time, Donna told her husband that one day she wanted her whole family back there once the kids were all married. Now the kids are married and have precious kids of their own, so this was an extra special moment for everyone. The love that this family shares is so obvious, and is it beautiful! Just to watch them interact with each other made my heart happy. We had a ton of goofy outtakes from this session, but they’re some of my favorite photos, because they show how awesome and fun this precious family is!

We took these photos at the beautiful Fort Pickens and Fort Pickens Beach in Pensacola, Florida.

So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.

Matthew 19:6

We began with bride and groom and family photos. I love how sweet Dustin and Alyssa are together!
2015-09-25_0001 2015-09-25_0002 2015-09-25_0003 This was Dustin and Alyssa’s ADORABLE little boy! He loved when we sang the Veggie Tales song to him. 2015-09-25_0004I simply adore this precious moment where Alyssa’s dad pulled the hair from her face.
2015-09-25_0005 Alyssa’s sweet mom got a little teary eyed hugging her beautiful daughter. 2015-09-25_0006 2015-09-25_0007

The ceremony was at sunset, and God definitely painted a beautiful sunset that night!

2015-09-25_0008Here’s another sweet moment between Alyssa and her dad, as he walked her down the aisle. They were just precious.
2015-09-25_0009 2015-09-25_0010 2015-09-25_0011I caught Alyssa’s brother and sister in law being adorable during the ceremony. Seriously, look how precious they are!!
2015-09-25_0012 Alyssa got a little choked up while reading her vows, but hey…I got a little choked up listening to them. 😛

The genuine love they have for each other is so beautiful. 2015-09-25_0013 2015-09-25_0014 Alyssa’s mom and dad both prepared things to share, as well. 2015-09-25_0015 2015-09-25_0016 2015-09-25_0017 2015-09-25_0018Alyssa’s ring was gorgeous!
2015-09-25_0025I love a good sunset!! 
2015-09-25_0021 2015-09-25_0022 2015-09-25_0023 2015-09-25_0024

Dustin and Alyssa, I wish you all the best in your life together! Congratulations, you two!

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