Engagement: Rory + Kristen

Meet Rory and Kristen.

First of all, let us all give Rory a huge round of applause for orchestrating one of the coolest proposals ever. This guy managed to propose to Kristen while scuba diving. Seriously, how incredibly awesome is that?! AND he picked the ring out all on his own! I think Kristen’s got a keeper. Also, isn’t Kristen just stunning?! I somehow always luck out with the prettiest clients. These two are so sweet together. I asked them both what they love most about each other, and both of their answers involved how kind and thoughtful the other is. Rory loves how kind Kristen is and how much she loves animals. Kristen loves how kind and thoughtful Rory is and loves his heart for people. She said he makes her want to be a better person. When the person who spends the most time with you and knows you best says that their favorite thing about you is how kind you are, that says a lot! These two are just genuine sweet people, and I was so delighted to be able to photograph them.

They will have a beautiful wedding in Charleston, South Carolina next year, surrounded by their family and friends.

These photos were taken in Pensacola, Florida.

“To be your friend was all I ever wanted; to be your lover was all I ever dreamed.”

-Valerie Lombardo

2015-09-30_0001 2015-09-30_0002 This is the sweet result of me asking them to slow dance. Usually when I ask couples to do this, there is no music. To their advantage, there was a wedding happening just yards away, so there was music! 2015-09-30_0003 2015-09-30_0004 2015-09-30_0005 2015-09-30_0006 2015-09-30_0007 Pensacola really does have some of the most beautiful beach areas. 2015-09-30_0008 I love anything with the Pensacola Lighthouse in the background. 2015-09-30_0009 2015-09-30_0010 2015-09-30_0011 2015-09-30_0012 Rory did a great job picking out this gorgeous ring! (All by himself! He wouldn’t let Kristen help.) 😛2015-09-30_0013 2015-09-30_0014 Bonus points if you can spot what’s different in these two photos.

(Hint: a photobomber in the photo on the left…)2015-09-30_0015 2015-09-30_0016 2015-09-30_0017 I love the happiness in Kristen’s eyes in this photo. 2015-09-30_0018

Congratulations, you two! I wish you all the best in all the world!

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