Wedding: TJ + Heather

Meet TJ and Heather.

They got married in Alabama at the Malbis Community Center. Boy, was it beautiful! They couldn’t have picked a more stunning location. I love how natural and fresh the venue feels. TJ and Heather met through a mutual friend. They are incredibly sweet together and bring out the best in each other. Everything about their wedding day was gorgeous. The venue was perfect. The cake was unique and tasty. The dress fit Heather like it was made for her. The rings were gorgeous. The weather was nice and cool. The bride and groom were two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, and they are such a gorgeous couple.  The food was incredible, the DJ was awesome, and the ceremony was just sweet enough to make you tear up but not so much that you ugly cry. It was a beautiful day.

A huge thanks to these awesome vendors who helped make the day gorgeous:
Dress designer: Oleg Cassini
Cake: Tara with Couture Cakes, Daphne, AL
Florist: Dennis with Zimlich the Florist, Mobile, AL
Caterer: Fuego, Mobile, AL
Hair: Fusion Spa Salon Aveda, Daphne, AL
Make-up: Kerisen Mitchell with Fusion Spa Salon

Seriously, look at this venue!! The Malbis Community Center is out of this world gorgeous. 2015-10-19_0001 I’m pretty much obsessed with these gorgeous rings. 2015-10-19_0002 2015-10-19_0003 This stunning dress was designed by Oleg Cassini2015-10-19_0004 The stunning flowers were made by Dennis of Zimlich the Florist.2015-10-19_0006 The beautiful lavender cake was made by Tara of Couture Cakes. Heather had this adorable cake topper picked out months before the wedding. It was perfect for them!2015-10-19_0007These unique centerpieces were great because Heather is an English teacher.2015-10-19_0009The bridesmaids seem to agree that Heather looked stunning!2015-10-19_0063Heather’s dad was SO SWEET when he saw her for the first time.
2015-10-19_0012 2015-10-19_0013 Dennis with Zimlich the Florist did an incredible job with these flowers. They’re beautiful. 2015-10-19_0014 2015-10-19_0015 2015-10-19_0016 2015-10-19_0017 2015-10-19_0018 2015-10-19_0019 2015-10-19_0023I loved that the guys had navy suits, as opposed to traditional black. It really added for that little extra bit of nice coloring. 2015-10-19_0020 2015-10-19_0021 2015-10-19_0022 The ring bearer was quite the comedian. He was adorable.2015-10-19_0024 2015-10-19_0026 2015-10-19_0028 TJ and Heather had a knot tying ceremony, which is an old Irish wedding tradition.2015-10-19_0029 2015-10-19_0030 That’s one heck of a first kiss!2015-10-19_0031Just in case you missed this, I took the liberty of zooming in on that last photo…
2015-10-19_0032 2015-10-19_0033 2015-10-19_0034 2015-10-19_0035 2015-10-19_0036 2015-10-19_0037 2015-10-19_0038 2015-10-19_0039 2015-10-19_0040

The reception was a TON of fun! Jason of Code 3 Entertainment was an awesome DJ. He was definitely one of the best I’ve worked with in a while. He kept people dancing and having fun the whole time!

The first dance was romantic and sweet.

2015-10-19_0041 2015-10-19_0042 2015-10-19_0043 2015-10-19_0044Everyone enjoyed an amazing dinner, catered by Fuego, a restaurant in Mobile, Alabama.

After dinner, the DJ cranked up the music, and everyone had a blast!2015-10-19_0045 Again, this ring bearer is hysterical!! He was break dancing the majority of the night. I’m sure he slept well once he got home.2015-10-19_0046 2015-10-19_0047 2015-10-19_0049 2015-10-19_0050 2015-10-19_0052 2015-10-19_0053That is, in fact, the father of the bride dancing here. When I tell you this wedding was a blast, I’m not joking. It was awesome.
2015-10-19_0054 2015-10-19_0058 TJ and Heather left in a gorgeous white Porsche. Their friends and family threw lavender at them as they exited. 2015-10-19_0059 2015-10-19_0060 2015-10-19_0062

Congratulations, TJ and Heather!

You two make a beautiful couple. It was a true delight photographing your special day! I wish you all the best!

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