Wedding: Chris + Penny

Meet Chris and Penny.

These two sweethearts got married on the beautiful beach in Florida on a perfect day. Getting married in October is essentially gambling with the weather. It could be hot and humid or chilly. Thankfully, the day of Chris and Penny’s wedding was perfect. It was a beautiful sunny day with a nice breeze and perfect cloud coverage for photos. Penny did an amazing job picking every single thing perfectly! This wedding was gorgeous. Every last detail was stunning and elegant, much like Penny.

Thanks to these awesome vendors, the day went so well:

Wedding Coordinator: Ashton Burks
Cake: Heidi with Bake My Day
Florist: Christina with Events By Nouveau
Videographer: Demetrius with StoryLive Productions
Officiant: Kelly Henderson of Uniting Happiness
Hair: Adrianne Brackett with Pure and Couture
Make-up: Yvette Nation with The Perfect Makeup
Photo Booth: Jeff with Face Time Photo

Penny’s jewelry was gorgeous!
2015-10-19_0064 Penny gifted each of her bridesmaids adorable glasses, earrings and lip gloss. 2015-10-19_0065 I really love that she spent time on extra little details like this. Little details are what make the day extra beautiful and special. 2015-10-19_0066 2015-10-19_0067 Yvette Nation did an absolutely fabulous job with everyone’s makeup. 2015-10-19_0068 This, my friends, is what happens when you’re on the other size of the room with a 100mm lens on your camera. The kids don’t know you’re watching and you catch adorable moments like this one. 😀 2015-10-19_0069 2015-10-19_0070 These ladies are fabulous in their robes and sunglasses. The maid of honor is a dear friend of Penny’s, and all of the other lovely young ladies are Penny’s grandchildren. (Even though Penny doesn’t look old enough to even have grandchildren. She’s a knockout!)2015-10-19_0071 Penny’s sweet mother in law buttoned her dress. 2015-10-19_0072 2015-10-19_0073 I’m in love with these gorgeous flowers. They’re so well put together. The colors are so calm and beachy! Christina did an amazing job. 2015-10-19_0074 This is the gorgeous face Penny made when she walked around the corner to see her groom-to-be. 2015-10-19_0075 THIS is his face when he turned around and saw her! I have to admit I teared up when this happened. He was absolutely in awe. She’s stunning! 2015-10-19_0076 2015-10-19_0077 2015-10-19_0078 2015-10-19_0079 2015-10-19_0080 2015-10-19_0081 2015-10-19_0082 2015-10-19_0083 2015-10-19_0084 2015-10-19_0085 The boutonnieres were just as gorgeous as the bouquets. So unique and matched perfectly with the suits, which are from Cubavera, in Miami. The awesome hats are from Guatemala. When I tell you that Penny was on top of every detail, I mean every detail! She’s awesome!2015-10-19_0086 This handsome little guy is Penny’s grandson. He wasn’t really up for kisses at this particular moment.2015-10-19_0087The ceremony site was breath-taking. The wood archway added for the perfect amount of subtle beauty to this already gorgeous scene.
2015-10-19_0088 2015-10-19_0089 Penny looked gorgeous walking down the aisle. She walked down to the song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. 2015-10-19_0092 2015-10-19_0093 2015-10-19_0094 2015-10-19_0095 2015-10-19_0096 Toward the end of the ceremony, the coolest thing happened. The officiant led everyone down to the water to throw shells into the water. 2015-10-19_0097 2015-10-19_0098 2015-10-19_0099 2015-10-19_0100 2015-10-19_0101 This was their “this ceremony was a success” moment…I think. 2015-10-19_0102 2015-10-19_0103 2015-10-19_0104 2015-10-19_0105 2015-10-19_0106The beautiful bride winked at me as she and Chris were walking into the reception. I love how happy they are!
2015-10-19_0109 I took so many photos of their first dance, but I mean really…can you blame me? Look at these two! They’re adorable together. Chris makes Penny light up. She handled the stressful day beautifully, but you could definitely tell that she was relaxed and so full of joy once she was united with her groom! 2015-10-19_0110 2015-10-19_0111 2015-10-19_01122015-10-19_00912015-10-19_0113Since Penny walked down the aisle to the song “A Thousand Years” it was only fitting that she also had these lyrics on her cake, made by Heidi with Bake My Day.2015-10-19_0114 I love these adorable Kate Spade toasting glasses.2015-10-19_0115 Chris read a beautiful poem during the reception. 2015-10-19_0116 Toasts are always a blast. Some are sweet, heartfelt tear-jerkers, like this one. 2015-10-19_0117 But some are hysterical and make you laugh until you cry!2015-10-19_0118The mother of the groom was getting down on the dance floor!2015-10-19_0119Ladies and gentlemen, this is Cookie. She was a riot! Like Penny, Cookie Lockhart is also an auctioneer. Cookie was the first woman inducted into the National Auctioneers’ Hall of Fame. 2015-10-19_0120 2015-10-19_0121 2015-10-19_0122 Cookie kept me giggling the whole reception. She’s too funny. Also, doesn’t Penny look gorgeous in this reception dress?2015-10-19_0123 To showcase Cookie’s auctioneering skills, the bride and groom had her auction off a bottle of champagne. 2015-10-19_0124 These beautiful ladies are all amazing entrepreneurs, auctioneers and dear friends of Penny’s. They surprised her and Chris with a trip to Italy, which was something they’ve wanted to do for a while. As you can see, Penny was literally breath-taken. 2015-10-19_0125 2015-10-19_0126 DJ Vladi got everyone together for an awesome group photo. 2015-10-19_01272015-10-19_0128Chris and Penny exited under an archway of glow sticks, which was definitely unique and fun. 
2015-10-19_0130Chris and Penny, you two are amazing together. It was a pleasure photographing your big day. I hope it was all you dreamed of, and I hope you two have an amazing life together!

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