Wedding: Cody + Kirsti

Meet Cody and Kirsti.

Kirsti was such a stunning and classy bride. She was so beautifully calm throughout the whole preparation process. She was just ready to marry the love of her life. While cody was also calm, I’m sure he was anxious and ready to be Kirsti’s husband! At this point, it had been almost ten years since they met! They got married on the beach in Alabama on a beautiful day.

Thanks to these awesome vendors who helped make their day amazing:

Officiant: Matt with Beach Dream Weddings

Hair/makeup: The team from Salon Paradise

Dj: Andrea with A DJ Connection

Florist: Ava Sobiesek with A Flower Box

Dress:  The Bridal Path

Kirsti’s dress was so classy and elegant. I love the lace embellishments on the top! Her beautiful veil was made by her grandmother.

2015-11-05_0001Her adorable dog was so well behaved! She was doing adorable things all afternoon. Ava did such an incredible job with all of the flowers!2015-11-05_0002 Shell and the team from Salon Paradise did a beautiful job with everyone’s hair and makeup. 2015-11-05_0003I loved this special moment of Kirsti’s mom putting her veil on her.
2015-11-05_0004 Her sweet brother was precious and supportive all day!2015-11-05_0005 This one is definitely one of my favorites. It’s always a special moment when a mom helps her daughter get dressed on her wedding day.2015-11-05_0006 Kirsti looked stunning!!2015-11-05_0007Some of the bridesmaids have these adorable metallic tattoos! These are from Lulu DK Tattoos.
2015-11-05_0008 2015-11-05_0009 These adorable beaded shoes were made by Barefoot Gypsy Boutique.2015-11-05_0010 She was escorted down the aisle by her dad and step-dad. 2015-11-05_0011 As if this sweet moment wasn’t enough, Cody was actually turned with his back toward her until she was close enough for them to see each other. Then, the officiant turned him around. His face is absolutely priceless. 2015-11-05_0012 I think it’s pretty clear how much he adores her!2015-11-05_0013 2015-11-05_0014 2015-11-05_0015 2015-11-05_0016 2015-11-05_0017 2015-11-05_0018 2015-11-05_0019 We were blessed with a stunning sunset as the perfect backdrop for photos!2015-11-05_0020 2015-11-05_0021 This gorgeous setup was provided by Beach Dream Weddings2015-11-05_0022 Generally wind is not our friend on wedding days, but when it catches the dress and makes it look awesome like this, I’m a fan!2015-11-05_0023 2015-11-05_0024 The first dance was romantic and sweet. 2015-11-05_00252015-11-05_0028 In case you’re wondering, this is the “whip”…2015-11-05_0029 And I’m pretty sure this is the “Nae Nae”…2015-11-05_0030 The wedding cake was so beautiful. 2015-11-05_0031 2015-11-05_0032 2015-11-05_0033 2015-11-05_0034 The couple departed through a wall of bubbles! 2015-11-05_0035 2015-11-05_0036 2015-11-05_0037Congratulations, Cody and Kirsti! I’m so excited for you two to finally be able to really spend your lives together after knowing each other for so long! I wish you both the absolute best!!

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