Wedding: Calab + Christina

Meet Calab and Christina.

These two sweethearts have been together for 5 years. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck. They should expect to be quite lucky this year, if this is true. Even in spite of the weather, it was a beautiful day. Everyone had a blast!

Here’s a big thanks to these awesome vendors for making the day a success:

Dress: David’s Bridal

Hair and Makeup: Ulta, Pensacola

Preparation location: Pi Cottage

Venue: Lee House

DJ: A DJ to Go

Cake: Just Think Cake, Fort Walton

Officiant: Marlene Thompson

Caterer: Romano’s Macaroni Grill

Ceremony music: Hippy Jim

Christina’s jewelry was classy and gorgeous.2015-11-05_0039 Her mom helped her with her dress.2015-11-05_0040 2015-11-05_0041 This moment is always such a tear-jerker. I love the big smile on her dad’s face when he sees his beautiful daughter. 2015-11-05_0042 2015-11-05_0043 This beautiful handkerchief was a gift from Christina’s Aunt Kathy. 2015-11-05_0044 2015-11-05_0045 She made all of these beautiful flower arrangements herself! 2015-11-05_0046 2015-11-05_0047 2015-11-05_0048 2015-11-05_0049Christina looked so stunning in her beautiful wedding gown.2015-11-05_0070“Of all the walks we’ve taken together, this one is by far my favorite.”
2015-11-05_0050 2015-11-05_0051 2015-11-05_0053 2015-11-05_0054Calab was handsome in his suit. 2015-11-05_0056 2015-11-05_0058 2015-11-05_0059 These two love Star Wars2015-11-05_0060 2015-11-05_0061 2015-11-05_0062 2015-11-05_0063 2015-11-05_0064 2015-11-05_0065 2015-11-05_0066 This has to be one of my favorites. Their new last name is Adams, coincidentally. 😉 2015-11-05_0067 2015-11-05_0069I caught these two being adorable just before being announced for their reception.2015-11-05_0071 The couple learned a swing dance for their first dance as husband and wife. Christina’s sweet dad watched from the doorway as his little girl danced with the love of her life. 2015-11-05_0072 2015-11-05_0073 2015-11-05_0074 2015-11-05_0075 She then danced with her first love.2015-11-05_0076 And Calab danced with his…2015-11-05_0077 Their delicious cake was made by Just Think Cake in Fort Walton.2015-11-05_0078 Fun fact: Calab gave Christina a larger version of their cake topper for their dating anniversary.2015-11-05_0079 2015-11-05_0080 Weddings are a time for friends from all over to reunite and enjoy the celebration together.2015-11-05_0081 2015-11-05_0082 The Lee House had so many beautiful areas for photos.2015-11-05_0084 We didn’t let a little rain ruin the day. 2015-11-05_0085 The two departed under sparkers.2015-11-05_0086

Congratulations, Calab and Christina! You two are precious together, and I hope you have a wonderful future together!

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